Pest Inspections

Pre-Sale building and Timber pest inspection reports should inform potential purchasers not deter them.

What are Pre-Sale Building and Timber Pest Inspection Reports?

A Pre-Sale building and Timber Pest inspection is an inspection that is  carried out on behalf of the vendor prior to the sale of the property. The reports 
should comply with  the relevant  Australian standards 4349.1 - 4349.3 as amended. The reports  are then given to any potential purchaser. 

It is rare for any property to be free of building defects, especially when the age of the property is considered. 
However, there are some major defects that require expensive repair, these defects can cause considerable 
concern to a potential purchaser. Therefore, it makes  sense to identify these more serious issues, 
in order that they can be discussed with your building consultant, and the appropriate steps taken to remedy the problem.

Building and Timber pest inspection reports can be confusing and sometimes daunting reading to a potential purchaser. 
We encourage the purchaser to talk directly to the building consultant, as this will help to  clarify any issues detailed in the reports.

Main Advantages

  • Be alerted to any major building defects prior to the sale of your home

  • Improve the price you get for your home
  • Quicken the sale of you home
  • The purchaser's may not need to obtain a further report

  • The potential purchaser is not deterred by inaccurate or exaggerated reports