Heritage House Inspections

heritage-houseMany people are  realizing that restoring an old building is not only a labour of love but can also add considerable value to their main asset. We are 'heritage qualified' and specialize in pre-purchase building inspections and maintenance reports on older buildings.

We can advise on the best methods and materials to restore your home sympathetically in order to retain its character and charm. An old building can be destroyed without being demolished, so obtain our professional advice before you start. We offer full telephone support with every report.

Urban Conservation

There are many houses that make up suburbs, parts of suburbs and cities which posses a strong sense of identity based on their history and the physical evidence of their origins and later changes.

The National Trust is actively involved in identifying and protecting significant areas that exhibit such character and to help guide change so that as it occurs it adds to the character as a positive influence.

The elements that make up this character have evolved over time and include landform,architectural forms, buildings, gardens, street trees, detail elements such as kerbs and gutters, signs etc as well as spaces. These qualities and characteristics can exist in newer as well as more established areas.

Any changes within urban conservation areas must be based on an understanding and appreciation of these qualities and characteristics. Managing change which respects these qualities and characteristics maintains the integrity and context of an urban conservation area.

Listing or classification of an urban conservation area does not preclude new development. Conservation areas are seen as part of the fabric of a growing, changing urban environment. The aim of classification is to highlight the significance of a particular area, support the retention.